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Movies It may not be true, but it feels like it has been a cooler and wetter spring and summer so far. This lends itself to going to the movies. Within the last ten days, we’ve seen Star Trek: Into the Darkness and The Lone Ranger. Do you remember going to your first huge special […]

You’ve heard of Groupon and Living Social. They offer discount coupons to subscribers from businesses that want to market their services to the region. I rarely use Groupon and have dropped out of Living Social altogether. But when a Groupon came for a Segway Tour of Downtown Cleveland I bit. This combined two tempting things. […]

  In 2005, when I was doing diversity work at Old Trail School, there were two numbers that defined the gay population in our country. Since so many gays were not “out” with their sexual orientation there were guesstimates as high as 10% of the population being homosexual. If statisticians counted only those who were […]