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Writers employ a lot of techniques to improve their craft. I’m trying to learn some of these so I can actually call myself a writer some day. (Some people say you can’t call yourself a writer until you have been published. I don’t count posting on my blog as being  “published.”) Learning these writing lessons […]

Some observations about our city: Opportunity Corridor   As a relatively new Cleveland resident, I had not heard of the Opportunity Corridor until last week. This is a boulevard that would go from West 55th and I 490 diagonally cutting through several neighborhoods. It would end at Chester St in University Circle. Having travelled from […]

What makes a beautiful city? When you consider other cities and why you may or may not have liked them, what images came to mind. You may think of pastel homes lining the waterfront in Charlestown SC or the Victorian homes surrounding Alamo Square in San Francisco. Rivers, hills, and lakes factor into the landscape […]