Yesterday I got a call from the Cleveland Public Library. They said the drive up window will be closed for a week.  I need to come to the indoor desk to pick up books I may have on hold.

Another movie is filming in Cleveland.  This time it is Captain America: The Winter Soldier which is based on the Marvel comic character.  The media says this filming is good for our city.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

As for me, this means streets will be closed and I can’t get to my books easily.

A study by Cleveland State University says that, for every dollar in tax credit the movie industry receives from our state, we get back $1.20. Those films hire extras, require caterers, sleep in our hotels, and otherwise buy our stuff.

Tell it to the people who live around here. The West Shoreway will be closed from May 29 through June 14. From what I can see, many road closures will be around the library, west mall, the Gateway area, and sections of Euclid.

There will be detours for commuters and RTA riders. People may have to park in different lots and garages. There will be traffic snarls. Gawkers will stand around getting in the way. Police will yell and point. Tempers will flare.  All for an extra 20 cents?

Is it worth it? It depends on where you live, how you get to work, and whether your business is affected.

I haven’t made a point of seeing the other movies filmed in Cleveland since we’ve lived here. I suppose if they come up on Netflix, we’ll take a gander. But I think for a lot of people, having the film making come here means more than added revenue. There is a certain excitement seeing a car chase along the Shoreway. Watching a building explode on 9th Street on the nightly local news is fun. The catering trucks parked on our side street during the last film.  I was fascinated.

Gosh, I’m getting excited. Maybe I’ll try out for an extra when the next film comes to town. That’ll be me in the background sneaking a peek at the camera.