Half Life

Do you own your possessions or do they own you?

I’m going through a period right now where things are limping along or flat out dying. My “smart” phone is missing one fourth of its brain. I can’t dial or retrieve voice mail without some manipulation. A ping in my car window from hurricane Sandy has turned into a foot long crack. My 5-year-old Apple computer is slow and needs to “rest” and be rebooted frequently. Our 40-year-old sofa and 20-year-old love seat are torn, faded, and spotted.  My 15-year-old bike computer is telling me that my bike ride is 000000.  These things are past their half- life.

Sofa Age Spot

Sofa Age Spot

These possessions seem to mirror my life.  I just had my eyes checked and got new glasses. I couldn’t get new lenses in my old frames so I got to start over. My dermatologist told me to give up on my nails and use nail polish.  And, OH, the flat age spots are sun and the rounded ones are age. My mat Pilates instructor says I should do the plank position on my elbows since my wrists hurt too much for the usual upright stance.  For sure I am on the wrong side of my half-life.

Everything is wearing out.  All at once.

I think I’ll go back to bed.