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Our neighboring city to the west is Lakewood. I’m still putting it in the “neighborhood” series because it feels like a big neighborhood to me. I hope this doesn’t offend any citizens who live there. I mean it as a compliment. Here’s why. Lakewood has a feel about it. I can’t exactly put a finger […]

Yesterday I got a call from the Cleveland Public Library. They said the drive up window will be closed for a week.  I need to come to the indoor desk to pick up books I may have on hold. Another movie is filming in Cleveland.  This time it is Captain America: The Winter Soldier which […]

Do you own your possessions or do they own you? I’m going through a period right now where things are limping along or flat out dying. My “smart” phone is missing one fourth of its brain. I can’t dial or retrieve voice mail without some manipulation. A ping in my car window from hurricane Sandy […]