Babies and Truth Telling

Sexagenarians often have grandchildren. (God forbid those 60 something men who start a family with a new wife. Shame on you.) Some may even have great grandchildren.Babies and Truth Telling

For some, the grandkids are infants and pre school age. For others, the offspring are in school.  In our case, we have a new addition that is only 3 months old. Our baby is the first in the family in 18 years. We are all excited. At least the female family members are smitten.

One of my friends called her grandchild a “fireside baby” because everyone sat around and watched her like a campfire. I think God created babies to be super cute to us because they require such an intense amount of care. But when you think about it, they are a little peculiar looking and acting. They have outsized heads. Their eyes are ENORMOUS. They slobber. They poop in their pants. They are weak and uncoordinated. And they cry at the slightest little issue.

Still when they smile at you, you have no choice. Your heart melts. You do their bidding. They are Master. You are slave.

Of course, our baby is adorable.  Our baby has little elf ears, pretty blue eyes, strong muscles, great lungs, and big tendencies toward a career in acting. Our baby has fluffy reddish hair, long fingers, and a wonderful baby smell.  Our baby is superior and special.

So with this standard of excellence in mind, I have been watching other infants. Not all babies are cute.  Some even have bags under their eyes. Some have no hair at all or they have hair everywhere.  Some just sit like a placid bump and don’t move. They smile all the time at everything.  That is not our baby. Our baby never sits still and her smiles are discriminate.  (Whew).

Then I started to think. What if our baby wasn’t cute? What if we people with some shared blood were the only ones to see the beauty there? Likewise, what if I didn’t see the handsomeness or cleverness of my friends’ babies? Would I be honest or polite?

No matter what, people will tell you that a baby is cute. On one of the TV magazine shows, the producers took a normal baby (is there such a thing?) and altered its features to make it truly – well- ugly. The “dad” took the picture around to his co-workers. They all said the baby was cute. Clearly, this was an example of “benevolent truth.” Even if a baby had a big purple nose, we’d compliment his ears or his cute little hands instead.

But, of course, no one has to do this with our baby. Because our baby is perfect.


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  1. Chris Moore says:

    Our baby IS perfect.
    Takes after her Grand Auntie K.