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Every year Sun Coast Retirement Center sponsored trips to different destinations in Florida and the southeast. Sometimes they even went further afield. Already this year some residents had gone to the Everglades, South Beach, and a shopping foray to Tampa. Edith and Mabel decided to take a trip together. The problem was deciding which trip.  […]

I heard Rita Dove a couple of nights ago. During the Q and A a college student came forward to ask about the job prospects for poets and writers like Ms Dove. There was no good answer. Everywhere the emphasis is on preparing the future work force for jobs requiring skills in the math and […]

Sexagenarians often have grandchildren. (God forbid those 60 something men who start a family with a new wife. Shame on you.) Some may even have great grandchildren. For some, the grandkids are infants and pre school age. For others, the offspring are in school.  In our case, we have a new addition that is only […]