It was the last game of the season. Mitchell Marcus was suited up to play basketball for the Thunderbolts of El Paso Texas. It was his moment of glory and Coach Morales had a surprise up his sleeve. He was going to let Mitchell, the team manager, play for the first time.

Mitchell has a developmental disability. Yet he is still Coach Morales’ undisputed favorite. Coach wanted to give him a chance. So, near the end of the game, Mitchell went in to play and his teammates passed the ball to him several times to make a basket. Yet it was not to happen. Even with the team and the audience chanting “Mitchell. Mitchell” he missed.

The opposing team got possession of the ball. And then it happened. The opposing Franklin High team player, number 22 Jonathon Montanez, was ready to pass the ball, but not to a teammate. He called Mitchell. Then he tossed the ball to him.

Mitchell caught the ball, turned around and made a basket.

The audience erupted. Everyone supporting either team jumped and cheered. They ran onto the court. They hugged and cried. It was a wonderful moment, an exilhilarating suspension, a perfect event.

There were so many heroes. Coach Morales, Jonathan Monandez, and Mitchell Marcus obviously made it happen. The audience played their part for willing this magic moment and celebrating Mitchell.

Was it Mitchell’s moment of glory? Of course. But it was glorious for all of us to know that everyone, no matter how unique we may be, has the ability to reach out and change a world view just by being in a basketball game.