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  We’ve been eating out a lot while snow birding. To choose a place we use a variety of sources. Usually we pick up the local free magazine and look at the ads. We will also search web sites to pick up recommendations and look at menus.  We also rely on the reviews written by […]

  Ten years ago Dave and I made a stop in Savannah for a couple of days. That was enough for us to fall in infatuation. We wanted to come back and stay longer. In our perpetual search for a place to plop long term during retirement, we’ve lived in several desirable places: the San […]

It was the last game of the season. Mitchell Marcus was suited up to play basketball for the Thunderbolts of El Paso Texas. It was his moment of glory and Coach Morales had a surprise up his sleeve. He was going to let Mitchell, the team manager, play for the first time. Mitchell has a […]