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Finally, Edith had been tapped to be Donnarose; the advice columnist for the Suncoast Retirement Center newspaper. Her hints and outright pleas had, at last, been heard. The staff headed  by Activity Director Ms Smith, had chosen her. They knew it was risky. Edith had been considered before but they worried that she was too […]

This is Oscar month. In honor of this, Turner Classic Movies is running movies all month that have won Oscars. The other night they showed Gigi. I loved this song and especially the line near the end: I’ve never been so comfortable before. I’M GLAD I’M NOT YOUNG ANYMORE From “Gigi” (1958) (Lyrics : Alan […]

A few years ago one of the fast food restaurants had an ad campaign that showed enthusiastic customers asking to “Supersize me.” They could get the big gulp drink. What a deal! Now we are hearing that these big drinks contribute to obesity in the United States and there is a move to start limiting […]