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Do you notice the changes in your body and brain as you get older? Ha! Trick question. We all do. I’ve written before about the changes in my body from head to toes. Now there is research about the changes in our brains and even our personalities. An article in the New York Times shows […]

There are always surprises when you plop yourself down in a new place. One of these was observed outside an ice cream shop on a busy intersection in Sarasota. I felt like the little bee in the corner while a highway of three and two wheel bikes buzzed around me. There were Mennonites going about […]

I’m sold on resale. I began my retirement when we lived in California. I was swapping out my teacher clothes for jeans and tee shirts. I traded in pumps and flats for hiking boots and Tevas. I got rid of my hose and started to look for Spanx. Carmel was not the place to do […]