December 2012

Hello Friends,

Edith is back at her shenanigans at Sun Coast Retirement Center so I am writing the holiday letter this year.

My cousin Judy Sterling offered us her home in Encinitas California last winter during January and February while they were in the South Pacific. It was a perfect time to walk the beaches, visit San Diego, and get my first pedicure. While there, Chris and Jeff and Dan visited to keep us company.

When we returned to Cleveland, our life returned to the normal routine of volunteering, reading, seeing family, and going to the gym for me.  I switched to a free gym through my Silver Sneakers membership and I finished writing a quest for bicycles and started another quest around the Brecksville Nature Center. Dave retired in April from the Gestalt Institute in Cleveland and took up some part time writing and consulting here at home.  His hobbies continue to be woodworking, reading, cooking, and needlepoint and keeping up with movies on our streaming Netflix.

In May my hiking buddies and I vacationed in Asheville NC for 5 days. It was our first time east of the Mississippi. Our rental house looked out over the city and the Blue Ridge and we had more American history with our first ever-guided city walk.

When my cousin Judy once again took off with her family to Alaska we got to house and cat sit for her daughter, this time in the Bay area for June and a part of July. We became very familiar with the BART system.  We used it to go to Berkley and made many trips into the San Francisco. Again we had Dan as a visitor and my nephew Rich, his wife Joni, and their son Thomas came to tour the city with us.

We returned to Cleveland just in time for Greg’s 40thbirthday and spent the rest of July catching up on the usual summer things with an outdoor swim, a baseball game, and an outdoor concert this time at Blossom Music Center (three things I try to do every summer). We squeezed in a visit and bike ride to Put-In-Bay.

Greg’s 40th Birthday

Our family is expecting the first baby in 18 years. Chris and Jeff’s daughter, Libby, is due on Christmas Eve. The rest of the family is perking along as usual with work, travel, college and school. It’s good to be near them.

We are lucky indeed to live in a peaceful place both in terms of human and natural calmness. Still, we hope for thoughtful minds and calm dispositions and compromising attitudes to guide the world in these challenging times.

Happiness to all of you in the year ahead.


Karen and Dave


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  1. Carolyn says:

    You are living the “good life” Karen! And here’s to new life…the babies!