Milestone Birthdays

Say goodbye to being a sexagenarian, Karen. Next week I’ll be turning 70.  Don’t fear. I’m still keeping the name of sexagenariansinthecity for the blog. I can’t imagine posting for septuagenariansinthecity. That name just doesn’t resonate.

Do you remember turning 30, 40, 50 or beyond? Were some of those milestones easy to see coming? Maybe you were even eager to turn over a new decade. Or did you dread admitting you were 50 or 60? Did you have those self talks about not “looking or feeling like I’m 60.”

When people 30 to 40 years younger than I discover my age, they say, “You don’t look that old!” People nearer to my own age don’t say that. They all know what 65 or even 85 looks like. I look just like them. Besides, I don’t hear that much any more since I let my hair go natural. When I ask for a senior discount no one even jokes that it is not possible. They don’t ask for an ID, that’s for sure.

I’ve decided that I might as well celebrate my age and be proud of it. No more shame or denial. Because of this, I am celebrating this birthday all month. I’ve told friends when my birthday is. I’ve repeated the date sometimes. I am unabashedly letting them line up to take me out. And then it will be my turn to fete them when a milestone rolls around. Heck, might as well do it every year!  I love reasons to celebrate.

So this week Judy, Margy, and Carolyn whisked me off to Geneva on the Lake State Park Lodge. It was wonderful. We almost had the place to ourselves. We walked into town, went to the hot tub and pool, ate pizza and had beer and wine to our heart’s content. We talked about our families, our past (we have a lot of that together), our future, and even told jokes. By now we all know each other’s stories, but we still repeat them over and over. We groan about our aches and pains, give each other advice, and cheer each other up because we are all going through the same stuff. It’s perfect. No husband or child or parent can do it as well.

December on Geneva on the Lake

When we talked about doing this for the BIG 70 or 80 birthdays, Judy said we shouldn’t wait that long. Maybe it should be every five years.

“You mean we could be dead by 80?”

“Well….” Judy left the rest unsaid.

So instead of thinking about the big “D” ahead for all of us, I’m tossing in all false modesty. I’m letting the adoration and adulation begin. Let people think I’m an attention seeking old fart. What do I care? As Dave says: “Why worry? You could be dead by then!”


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  1. Carolyn says:

    We are all in this together. There’s safety in numbers! You may have turned 70 but there’s life in them thar hills!

  2. Fran Danoff says:

    Wishing I could have been there with you. You’ve got lots
    of good mileage left, girlfriend!