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This time I think there will be action. After the massacre in Newtown Connecticut people are ready to see change. Pro gun advocates say that concealed weapons deter crime. They point out incidents where armed citizens have intervened in malls and schools to prevent shootings. The say that people intent on killing pick places where […]

December 2012 Hello Friends, Edith is back at her shenanigans at Sun Coast Retirement Center so I am writing the holiday letter this year. My cousin Judy Sterling offered us her home in Encinitas California last winter during January and February while they were in the South Pacific. It was a perfect time to walk […]

Say goodbye to being a sexagenarian, Karen. Next week I’ll be turning 70.  Don’t fear. I’m still keeping the name of sexagenariansinthecity for the blog. I can’t imagine posting for septuagenariansinthecity. That name just doesn’t resonate. Do you remember turning 30, 40, 50 or beyond? Were some of those milestones easy to see coming? Maybe […]