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I’m torn. Part of me sympathizes with readers who want to keep a daily paper newspaper and part of me thinks paper dailies are a thing of the past. I get my news four ways: I get the New York Times on my computer and smart phone, I get the news on television, I get […]

In “the library” (aka bathroom) I was glancing through an old ladies magazine and thought it would be interesting to read the ubiquitous article about sex. Every woman’s magazine has at least one of these along with several articles about getting a flat belly, recipes and pictures of healthy vegetables, and many tips about applying […]

It was a Saturday morning in October, and there I was handing my car keys to a guy named Vinnie I’d just met in a deli in suburban, New York. Vinnie was promising to keep my Nissan Altima Hybrid parked in the lot behind the deli, while Karen and I went off to New York […]