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  Suncoast Retirement Center was gearing up for Halloween. Orange and black crepe paper started to appear, skulls full of candy rested in the lobby, wax teeth and bulging eyeballs decorated the dinner tables. Being that Edith loved to party, this was one of her favorite times of year.  She put a good deal of […]

During the summer Lance Armstrong gave up his seven titles from winning the Tour de France in order to have his crimes kept from the public. It didn’t matter. We all know now.  Lance Armstrong was doping. Eleven of his team mates over the years have come forward to testify that Lance not only engaged […]

Last weekend, we visited friends who have a house on Lake Erie. During the winter a lot of driftwood washed up on the shore. Since the lake never froze last year, there was quite a lot. It required a chain saw, a lot of elbow grease, and a big bonfire to get rid of it. […]