Senior Coffee

How many of you sexagenarians are addicted to coffee? Raise your hand.

The older I’ve gotten the more particular I am about my coffee. I’ve become a coffee purist. I really like a dark, strong, robust cup of coffee. At home we use an espresso machine and Dave delivers my first cup while I’m still in bed. (I picked a winner!) Espresso delivers even stronger flavor.

In the middle of the afternoon I really crave a cup of java. So discovering the senior coffee offered at MacDonald’s and Burger King has been a treasure. The prices, age requirements, and serving policies are different store to store so I can’t tell you an exact price.  I’ve paid the most in California near San Diego. It was $1.10. The cheapest was at the San Diego airport. It was 53 cents.

A senior coffee is a small cup of regular roast.

My mother was also a coffee addict. Back then people bought ground coffee in a can. Her coffee was always very strong and very hot.  I think she had a mouth of asbestos.

There is no better coffee for me than Starbucks.  I remember my first taste of their dark roast and it was instant love. We buy Starbucks brand of whole bean coffee when it goes on sale at Costco. We tried plenty of other brands, but they don’t compare. There is no bitterness, aftertaste or slight burnt taste in Starbucks. It is full of flavor and it is very satisfying. It is one of the things we buy that is a brand name and we are willing to pay more for it.

When we go to a coffee house, I’ll splurge on a skinny vanilla latte with one pump of syrup. Who ever heard of lattes and cappuccinos when we were growing up? Of course, we were getting malts and shakes instead and each of those probably had as many calories.

Sometimes, it only takes a small treat, like a cup of coffee, to turn a day around.


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  1. Brian says:

    My dad was a devoted McDonalds coffee drinker for years until my mom and the doctor requested he stop some years back. I have many fond memories of going through the drive-through with him, where he would order it as, “ONE. LARGE COFFEE. BLACK.” Loudly, clearly, and slowly – very deliberate and robotic, to the point of hilarity. He had a massive distrust of the kids working the drive-through.

  2. Karen says:

    That’s how. people. TALK. ON. THEIR. CELL. PHONES! Stay tuned. That is an upcoming post.

  3. Carolyn says:

    “Here take my kids! Just gimme one good cup of coffee in the morning!” Starbucks Via fills the bill and thankfully, though it’s expensive it doesn’t cost me a kid. Hmmm…..