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They’re everywhere. The people who live with their cell phones next to their ears or in their hands. On every corner, as they are walking, in the grocery store, and especially in their cars, people are using their phones. I feel I couldn’t function very well without my smart phone. I use it to check […]

Cleveland seems to come alive on the third weekend of September. The weather is cooler but it is still sunny and warm. ¬†Clevelanders are trying to squeeze in the last of summer. We headed down to the Nautica on Saturday morning and followed the crowds to the edge of the Cuyahoga River. People were lining […]

How many of you sexagenarians are addicted to coffee? Raise your hand. The older I’ve gotten the more particular I am about my coffee. I’ve become a coffee purist. I really like a dark, strong, robust cup of coffee. At home we use an espresso machine and Dave delivers my first cup while I’m still […]