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Missy Backflip and I went kayaking last week.  We put in at Wendy Park, which is on Whiskey Island.  Edgewater Park is just west of these two places. Just as flying into Cleveland gives you a different view of our city, being at water level also gives a whole new perspective to the northern boundary […]

I have a book full of writing prompts I like to look at. Today, I saw a page that had a picture of an old VW. It reminded me of a piece I wrote in 2010 for a memoir class I took in Carmel. Dear Nieces and Nephews, Now that you are all fiftyish (give […]

  Last week Dave and I were at the grocery store to pick up a few items.  It was mid afternoon when we lined up in the express line for twelve items or fewer. We stood behind a well-groomed shorter woman in glasses. “This man with the cart full of at least 30 cantaloupes says […]