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On Sunday July 22 my son, Greg, marked his 40th birthday. He had looked forward to this celebration for a long time. He liked the idea of a party, cake and gifts. Many people dread birthdays, especially those “big” ones that mark a decade. Think about your 40th, 50th, and 60th birthdays. Which were hard […]

There are two things I would not like to be in my next life (there are more than two, but these are on the top of the list): truck driver and fitness instructor. First about the truck driver. I include bus drivers in this category as well.  We have all observed truck drivers when they […]

Two years ago I wrote this piece for my memoir class in Carmel, California before Dave and I moved back to Ohio. It started with an open door. Ajar, I could see through the dim light toward a smoky window. The dust hung suspended and, in the fading light, it all was gray, black, and […]