Last night I was in Beijing.

I also was at Virginia Kendall in a lodge while it was raining. Finally, I was at Old Trail leaving a study hall to find an elective I had never attended.

Such are my dreams every night.

I wanted to believe that dreams were just a way to clear out the junk in our brains and then start with a fresh slate every day. Guess not. My psychotherapist sorority sister, Susan, and psychiatrist relative both tell me dreams are very important in delving into our inner psyches. Susan says that, until I resolve what is frustrating me, I will continue having these frustrating themed dreams .

While I was in Beijing, I was driving alone and pulled over by cops for speeding. I was sure I would be sent to jail for life as one of those forgotten Americans. At Virginia Kendall, I’d forgotten my hiking boots and had to walk in my bare feet. I remember sort of liking it. And as for the school dream; obviously, I was frustrated because I’d missed my elective for so many weeks that I’d forgotten the name of the class or where it was held!

Virginia Kendall Lodge

Now I’m beginning to sound like a sick puppy and maybe I am. But the truth is, I like my dreams. They are vivid, in color, and in rather interesting places ( Beijing! The Forbidden City!). I went through a period of dreaming about getting lost along the canals in Florida. Before that I had a period of standing on beaches and watching tidal waves. Lots of times I’m at a conference with lots of people I know. We are in a very tall hotel. I must switch elevators to get to my room. I get distracted. When I do get to my room, I can’t find my key or the key won’t work. Then I am late. You get the picture.

I am rarely alone in my dreams. Often I am with other adults who were friends long ago.  Recently, I’ve been taking a group of hikers in a Jeep up a service road into a mountain somewhere out west. I am trying to squeeze through red rock walls in an attempt to find a waterfall. Finally, we can’t go forward or backward. My friends look at me for answers, then they get out and push, then they disappear. What does this say about my friends? Or me?

Somehow, I don’t seem to care. I get to travel to Utah, California, China or a snazzy room in Louisville Kentucky (remember that dream, Margy?).

So thank you, frustrating life, for my free travelogue every night. It gives new meaning to “sleeping like a log.”


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  1. Judy says:

    I always like hearing that I was a presence in one of those dreams. Vicarious pleasure. In this case, I am feeling a bit rejected that I didn’t play a part, for China, Virginia Kendall and Old Trail are all important parts of my life!

  2. Karen says:

    You’ve been there (in the Virginia Kendall dream). Oddly, so was John Heaps.