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Last night I was in Beijing. I also was at Virginia Kendall in a lodge while it was raining. Finally, I was at Old Trail leaving a study hall to find an elective I had never attended. Such are my dreams every night. I wanted to believe that dreams were just a way to clear […]

Sun Coast Retirement Center was up to speed when it came to the therapeutic value of anything for seniors. Therefore, they were embracing an experimental try out time for residents to have pets who were not too frisky, loud, or destructive. Edith decided she’d get in the swing of things and tell her niece, Julie, […]

Dharun Ravi will spend 30 days in jail. The 20-year-old Rutgers University student spied on his roommate with a webcam and showed the world Tyler Clementi and another man having sex.  Later Clementi killed himself. Dharun Ravi could have faced up to 10 years in jail. The jury found him guilty on all counts that […]