Riding the Bus

Even with an assigned parking space for our loft, there are still times I need to take my car out to get around downtown. That means I have to look for a parking space and possibly (gasp!) parallel park.

Luckily, public transportation fixes this problem. There is a free trolley from the warehouse district out to Cleveland State that I take most often.  From out loft I walk 3 blocks to Euclid and wait outside the student union building. An E-line trolley comes every 10 minutes during the week. If is always nearly full.  Just “show a smile” and you ride free thanks to the sponsorship of downtown businesses.  I use it during really bad weather or if I am carrying a lot of stuff.

The E-Line

Also along Euclid runs the very long, caterpillar-like, Healthline bus. One of the ushers at Playhouse Square showed me how to get a fare card by pushing several buttons at the station in the middle of the street. Since I am a senior, I pay one dollar per trip or slightly more for an all day pass. For $5 you can get a Senior Pass good for five rides and it doesn’t expire until 2014.

Healthline at University Circle

Last week I took the bus from Playhouse Square out to E. 120th for a little field trip. It took about 45 minutes.  The deal with the Healthline busses is that they travel in a special bus lane with separate traffic signals. Apparently, there is a device in the bus that stops all car signals in all directions and allows the bus priority so it becomes more of an express. I didn’t find this to be true. My bus seemed to stop at lights and, of course, all the stations as long as someone signaled to be left off.  I didn’t find the bus faster, but it was a lot cheaper than paying for parking.  The next time I have an appointment at the Cleveland Clinic Main Campus, I’m going to take the bus.

I’m thinking about taking a field trip from Terminal Tower out to the airport and back. It starts below ground, then runs the rapid rails through Lakewood and beyond and goes underground again at the airport.  Dave has done this many times and finds the trip boring because you see the backs of buildings.  That is just what I find interesting. It’s like being in a new city.

Anyone who wants to ride the rails with me, let me know. I’ll buy you a cup of coffee.