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City life is litter blowing around, plastic bags hanging in trees, smashed beer cans, and even dryer sheets in the grass.  It is everywhere. I used to think that much of the trash was blown out of the backs of trucks or pushed out of too full trashcans.  No more. I know that people deliberately […]

In Anne Lamott’s book on writing and life, Bird by Bird, there is the retelling of a story about her brother who had procrastinated doing a huge assignment. On the night before it was due, he sat surrounded by a pile of books, notepads and pencils. Discouraged, worried, and perplexed about how to begin, the […]

Even with an assigned parking space for our loft, there are still times I need to take my car out to get around downtown. That means I have to look for a parking space and possibly (gasp!) parallel park. Luckily, public transportation fixes this problem. There is a free trolley from the warehouse district out […]