Got Culture?

You can’t beat Cleveland for culture. If you have the time and financial resources (or the connections to get free tickets), you can be diversely busy every night.

I got myself in gear and started looking closely at the things that are happening in the spring.  First came the Cleveland International Film Festival at Tower City that I wrote about last spring.  It now costs $28,000,000 to produce the festival so each seat should cost $38.  Instead, for only $12 you get to see some really good independent film. This year’s crop was even better than last year’s.

Exhibiting at The Cleveland Museum of Art is Rembrandt in America. I went thinking this is one of those What-Cultured-People- Must- Do (like going to the symphony). I was surprised at what we saw. I got the free headphones while Dave chose to forgo that in favor of a private viewing experience.  The educational theme of the exhibit was how to tell a real Rembrandt from a fake. This was most vividly shown with two portraits of the same young woman viewed side by side. Once you had seen several other Rembrandt portraits, you could easily tell which was the fake. Now I understand what “Master” really means.

I’ve resumed my ushering volunteering at Playhouse Square. I got to see the longest continuing running play of 60 years, Mousetrap, now performing with a more modern emphasis. Then I volunteered to usher for Lord of the Dance. It’s hard to imagine how well trained these dancer/athletes are. The men are especially delicious in those Tron-like black outfits with studs and vinyl helmets.

At Cleveland State the Cirque Du Soleil performed their Asian tribute to gymnastics. There were performers walking up walls, balancing on balls, hanging from long strips of fabric, jumping through hoops then somersaulting and sliding across the floor. There were costumes that were unbelievably beautiful and stretchy and makeup that was intense and powerful. Although this traveling company is not as aerial and professional as the three ring Cirques you see in other venues, it was still amazing. How often can you see 10 men jumping rope in unison?

Coming up in April:  author Annie Lamott for the Cleveland Public Library, the Banff Mountain Film Festival for the Cleveland Metroparks, Diana Krall for the Tri C Jazz Fest and (drum roll) the Induction  Ceremony for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.