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Believe it or not, volunteer time is worth $18.87 an hour in Ohio. The Independent Sector, a website that tracks these numbers, ranks Ohio with the other states in these matters. In 2011 I volunteered 88 hours to Playhouse Square.  By that measure I “earned” $1660 just at the theater.  I also volunteered about 40 […]

You can’t beat Cleveland for culture. If you have the time and financial resources (or the connections to get free tickets), you can be diversely busy every night. I got myself in gear and started looking closely at the things that are happening in the spring.  First came the Cleveland International Film Festival at Tower […]

Four vacant blocks strewn with the rubble Of buildings that had stood upon them Last time I looked Buildings that had replaced earlier buildings That had replaced even earlier buildings I tried to remember them Those buildings I had known As they looked months, weeks — days ago And could no more recall their shape […]