Some Poems from California in February

Sun and stone and brick
And railings painted white
And weather-worn wood benches
And plastic chairs and green mesh tables
And striped umbrellas
Teasing shade
And shadows long and thin
From day’s late light

You should at least declare bankruptcy
Before you marry him
Said one woman to a second
As they strolled down the street
That’s true she replied
As they passed and were gone

The girl
Eager to try on her womanhood
She walked into the clothing shop
Sun bleached hair swinging softly
Across lemmony shirt
That in turn brushed the top
Of the thin white bikini bottom
That she wore there, in the store
Blocks from beach and sea
Showing off the maturing body
Growing womanishly round under
Skin flawless in its youth
Wearing her rising curves
As she though a woman would
Moving through the shop
Up one aisle down the next
A pause here a stop there
Then out the door
Bare feet carrying her
Back to beach and sea
For a while longer yet
Still a girl