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When I got back from California, after being gone over six weeks, I had a mountain of mail awaiting. It loomed. It lingered. It leered.  I shuttered. I sighed. I sagged under its weight. The first pass through was separating “the junk” from the stuff I had to open.  The second pass through separated the […]

Two teachers in a nearby elementary school have made national news. One was accused of blindfolding students, ages 6-10, and having them taste semen. These teachers have been in the school system for years. In the past, when children reported to school authorities, one being the school nurse,  what was going on they were told […]

Seen any good movies lately? It’s Oscar season and we are staying near Los Angelos.  We read the LA Times every morning. There is one whole section devoted to the movies that are playing and, more importantly, what movies and actors have been nominated for awards. Surrounding A section of the paper is a full […]