North County California

If you are a poor person living in Carlsbad
And have a problem you might be glad.
If you’re 18 or under
And your life had a blunder
They’ll help poor souls be not so sad.

“Every child needs positive self esteem.”
For this you need skin and teeth that gleam.
Come to Fresh Start
We have a heart.
We’ll help you as we work as a team.

After the surgery has healed more work sets in.
The cosmeticians at Angel Faces restores a grin.
The scars are erased.
Women have a fresh face.
And Carlsbad feels good to have helped a kin.

$80,000 median income is this town of elite elected,
Of manicured people who don’t frown and are “selected.”
They chip in to help.
It all is heartfelt.
To those given much, in turn, much is expected.