Bikini Tops and Baggy Pants

Cousin Judy and I were at the Starbucks today in Cardiff by the Sea California. We were in our sweats and jeans. It was about 55 and overcast.

Shivering in her bikini top and shorts was a teenager who was eyeing the board (hopefully for something warm to drink). Judy and I looked at each other and smiled. It was a smile that said “Can you believe it?”

Ever wonder what goes on in the minds of teenagers? We all were one once. I really don’t think I had much of a mind then. But I DID give a disproportional amount of time over to how I looked. Probably this young lady did the same thing.

She was thinking: “This is southern California. It has been warmer than usual. I’ll go to the beach. I’ll look like I fit in if I wear this bikini.” Of course, she didn’t do the old age think like check the weather channel or listen to the radio or even look out the window. None of this mattered. What mattered was how cool she would look in her bikini.

It turned out to be how cold she looked in her bikini. It made us cold to look at her.

Dave has an even better story about teen clothing.

He was driving home from work one day and he was stopped at a light. Three boys strolled across the street.. (Teen boys seem to defy drivers who obey the laws. They calmly stroll out into the street when the light is changing and seem unconcerned about cars wanting to go forward.)

In the middle of the road one boy dropped his I Phone. He reached down to pick it up. His pants fell down to his ankles. It was a comical dilemma. Pick up the phone and then the pants or the other way around? In the meantime, his companions, whose pants were droopy but not falling off, were laughing their asses off.

The baggy prison fashion pants are another mystery. Why would teen boys want to show us their boxers? In normal years, boys would be embarrassed to do this.

And isn’t it interesting that at a time when boys are wearing baggy, girls are wearing tight. I mean so tight that every curve, seam and strap shows.

I have a theory that this is an economic indicator. During The Great Depression clothes got longer, looser, and drearier. This is what is happening to boys clothing. And the girls? Well, girls have evolved and been liberated. The Women’s Rights Movement has permeated our culture. Girls don’t buy the clothing length bs.

But they still shiver in their bikini tops on 55 degree days.