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If you are a poor person living in Carlsbad And have a problem you might be glad. If you’re 18 or under And your life had a blunder They’ll help poor souls be not so sad. “Every child needs positive self esteem.” For this you need skin and teeth that gleam. Come to Fresh Start […]

“One last thing” Mike says “Watch the coffee pot. If you don’t screw the lid on just right you have a mess.” Great. I thought the coffee pot was at least one thing I couldn’t mess up. Yesterday cousin Judy had walked me through the house procedures. I’d taken three pages of notes. Refridgerator: watch […]

Cousin Judy and I were at the Starbucks today in Cardiff by the Sea California. We were in our sweats and jeans. It was about 55 and overcast. Shivering in her bikini top and shorts was a teenager who was eyeing the board (hopefully for something warm to drink). Judy and I looked at each […]