Your IQ

I heard recently that when you retire you lose, automatically, 15 IQ points.

Don’t ask me the source. I don’t remember.  I’m retired.

We are told to learn new things when we retire.  We must do “brain exercises.” If we have always done crosswords, switch to Sudoku. If we have always played the accordion, learn the violin.

I’ve tried to learn golf, French, and swing dancing as an adult. I sucked. I learned in France to act like a distressed (and stupid) damsel in distress and the natives took pity on me. And my swing dance partner was even less adept than I at coordination. As for golf: don’t ask.

Travel is supposed to help you stay “fresh.” I could be like my California cousin who travels 4 to 6 months a year in their RV. This means backing big objects into small places, finding a hairdresser in Labrador, and having a refrigerator the size of a breadbox. The challenges and delights of this travel have kept Judy and Mike in problem solving Nirvana.

Other folks we know travel to an idyllic spot, rent a house for family members, and melt in with the natives. We tried this once and spent $60 trying to figure out, unsuccessfully, how to make the self-serve fuel for the car work. It is reported that adult kids scatter and are only seen for dinner. Most of my friends travel to see the grandkids. They spend their time helping with laundry, grocery shopping, and teeter tottering at the park. Still the hugs and kisses of little ones go a long way to erase cleaning up the Cheerios. We don’t have grandkids.

Since our travel budget was blown on winter in Florida, I’ve decided to fill up my IQ tank with volunteering and exploring Cleveland.  Then there is the vast and exciting and ever changing territory of delving into the unknown crevices of my mind.

But, once again, I’m retired and I have trouble finding my mind.


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  1. Carolyn says:

    It’s okay, Karen. When you start with a couple hundred I.Q. points losing a few won’t hurt ya!

  2. Karen says:

    Who are you and why are you minimizing my IQ????