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I heard recently that when you retire you lose, automatically, 15 IQ points. Don’t ask me the source. I don’t remember.  I’m retired. We are told to learn new things when we retire.  We must do “brain exercises.” If we have always done crosswords, switch to Sudoku. If we have always played the accordion, learn […]

Karen and Dave were whining about sending Christmas cards (and bailing out the Postal Service). Instead of getting their butts off the sofa, they were busy figuring out what to watch on Netflix.  I decided to take the bull by the horns and write the darn holiday letter for them. I’m Edith. I am a […]

There was a discussion on Morning Edition today about an eight year old boy in Cuyahoga County who weighed over 200 pounds. He has been taken away from his mother after the social workers, for over a year, have tried to help the family manage the boy’s weight issues. It was determined by doctors that […]