A food processor lid, a transistor radio,  a thermos, and now a pair of glasses. These are among the missing.

What possessions of yours have gone missing? Where did they turn up? Are there things that never turned up? Where do you suppose these things go?  On a scale of 10 just how frustrated do you get when you can’t find something? And how much time do you waste looking for it?

The other day both Dave and I spent at least thirty minutes looking for his glasses. Using his admonition to “look high” we scowered the loft looking for his black-rimmed pair. He’d had then on in the last hour. We checked the bathroom drawers, the kitchen cupboards, his office, and above the refrigerator.

Eventually he had to go to work without them. The next morning, the search began again. Within a minute came the announcement from Dave’s walk-in closet: “Found them!”

There they were, sitting on top of his basket of white socks. He’d put them there when he’d put on his sweater.

Later that day: “Where did I put my glasses?” The search began again. This time I was less urgent about helping. I was beginning to have thoughts of stapling the glasses to his head. Did anyone sell a magnet that would fasten the glasses to his body somewhere? Can’t he wear contacts? If he’s doing this now, what will it be like in ten years?

Where were the glasses this time? ON A LAMP SHADE.  Luckily, Dave pokes fun at himself.  Walking out the door: “Where are my glasses?”  Getting up from the table: “Where are my glasses?”

He may be surprised after the next missing episode. I’m thinking of drawing the glasses on his face with a black magic marker while he sleeps.

What if Dave looked like Johnny Depp when he put his glasses on?


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  1. Carolyn says:

    hmm…10 years from now when you draw those glasses on his face, he’ll never know the difference! Until then, patience, patience, patience, so that when the time comes, he will hopefully, return the favor!