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It’s that dreadful Crazy Christian Season again: decorating, sending cards, gift buying, parties, and BAKING. Actually, I’ve given up on most of that. Decorating will be a door wreath. Card sending will be maybe 10-20 out of state folks; gift buying will be 3 gift certificates, cash, and promises.  And parties? Not here. But I […]

A food processor lid, a transistor radio,  a thermos, and now a pair of glasses. These are among the missing. What possessions of yours have gone missing? Where did they turn up? Are there things that never turned up? Where do you suppose these things go?  On a scale of 10 just how frustrated do […]

“Are you ready for fun Edith?” asked Molly, the designated driver this night. “Oh, yes. I’m thinking that if the church sponsored this musical play, it must be wholesome good fun,” Edith replied. Molly and Mandy shared a suppressed chuckle and decided to carefully step their way through the conversation. “Well, I wonder how this […]