Open After December 25

Are you old enough to remember The Christmas Story? It was a movie made in 1983 filmed, in part, here in Cleveland.

The exteriors of the house were shot in Tremont.  They picked this house because of the steel mills showing in the background. That house was later bought by a fan and restored to look exactly like the interiors in the movie.

Remember this?

An eight-dollar tour allows you to visit the gift shop, museum, and house with its perpetually lit Christmas tree and fish netted leg lamp in the front window.  You are encouraged to pick up items, look inside the oven, and take pictures.

You can buy one of these

Naturally, I couldn’t wait to try one of Cleveland’s highlights and write about it.

The most curious insight was the attention paid to hats. Little Ralphie sure wore a bunch of them. There were the bunny ears, the cowboy hat, and assorted knit caps.  Here is a picture of people modeling them:

Along the way, we learned that the director wanted Jack Nicholson to play the part of Dad. Scary, right?

But what is really scary is that Christmas is nearing. Actually, it is my least favorite holiday. Through the years I’ve dropped card sending, cookie baking, shopping, and sometimes decorating. I’ve pared down those weeks  by only attending a few parties and sampling chocolates.

So, if you want to postpone thoughts of these things, tour The Christmas Story House after the holidays.

Here's looking at you!


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  1. Vicky says:

    Yep, I love that movie too! I’ve always wondered, though, why Mom had a distinctly 1980s style perm, and why Ralphie’s tortoise shell glasses were contemporary and actually quite chic. Inside jokes or stylist’s oversights?

  2. Karen says:

    I think the hair was natural, but in the 50’s it would have been shorter. My guess of oversight.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Before reading, I saw the picture of the poster for movie, I thought it was one of the Hindu gods with all the arms reaching out in every direction. I wondered, “What is Karen up to now?” A trip to India? Can you blame me? You and your blog are certainly open to possibilities!