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Are you old enough to remember The Christmas Story? It was a movie made in 1983 filmed, in part, here in Cleveland. The exteriors of the house were shot in Tremont. ¬†They picked this house because of the steel mills showing in the background. That house was later bought by a fan and restored to […]

“Kiss me Kate!” demands Petruchio. And when she does, Petruchio demonstrates that he has “tamed” the Shrew. He wears her down and eventually shows her that, if she bends to his will, life gets much easier. Then, suddenly it seems, they fall in love and Kate remains the submissive wife. They live Happily Ever After. […]

I came to the Gestalt Workshop with the purpose of creating a thirty second elevator speech that would answer to the question: “What is Gestalt?” Dave is the executive director of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. Some people have no idea what Gestalt is or else they have a fuzzy view at best.¬† Me too. […]