September Birthdays

It was 66 this morning in our loft. It is time to pull out the blankets, put away sandals, and look for the jackets. After a week or more of intermittent rain, fall has arrived.

“Enjoy 66. When it gets colder, so will we.” Dave warned. We both looked at the wall of single paned windows that face north to Lake Erie. They practically wobble when the wind blows.

“I think I’ll stay in bed all day under the duvet.” I replied. “It’s too cold to get out and get dressed.”

When I did get up, I checked my email and saw another week of September birthday reminders from Facebook. Have you noticed that September seems to be a very popular month? So I looked it up. Turns out that statistically, August has the most birthdays followed by October. If you have a birthday between October 5- 10, you know what your parents were doing on New Year’s Eve.  I’d say if you have a birthday in September you know what they were doing on the longest night of the year.

Three of these people have Sept. Bdays: Margy-front left, Karen behind her, and Judy on my right.

I used to think this was true only for older people like me. TV was not around at my birth; women did more around the house without the help of dishwashers and automatic washing machines.  Wallpaper had to be cleaned, screens changed, laundry hung. I think I would have slept through sex, I’d be so exhausted. But in the long nights of late fall I probably would have fallen into bed earlier.

Turns out that none of that is true. My former students who are now in high school and college have lots of September birthdays. Sex is on everyone’s mind. But who wants think about our parents having sex? Ick.

Getting back to the duvet. Doesn’t it sound appealing to snuggle up under a feather cover, wrap up in a curl and fall into dreams of our parents having……..?