Filming in Cleveland

The Avengers blows up near Euclid and 9th

The Campus District has been atwitter with two films that are being made. Both The Avengers and I, Alex Cross have set up shop in town. The catering truck parks right next to us on 21st and the equipment trucks are parked in a Chilote lot behind our building. Rumor has it that one of the scenes involved jumping off the police communications station on Payne Ave.  For certain I know that even our loft was looked at, and rejected, as a possible setting for one of the scenes.  Sigh.

This excitement has lead to discussion about how good this influx of income is for the city and I have already started a check list of what I would do with this windfall: first: resurface the downtown streets; second: resurface the downtown streets and third: resurface the downtown streets.

I haven’t been involved in celebrity sightings, I haven’t stood around to watch car crashes and I haven’t been reading about the progress being made. I WAS escorted away from the catering truck by security when I tried to ask which movie was being fed.  “We have to walk away from here, ma’am.”

Based on the book...

Lately, Dave and I have been watching lots of movies. We subscribed to streaming Netflix at the beginning of the summer.  Do you remember how most movies had to have the gratuitous sex scene? I was always wondering how these scenes furthered the plot and when movies were going to move on to more intelligent and subtle forms of story telling.

They have moved on. Now it is required to have a scene where someone pukes. Since we have noted this, we realize that this disgustingly gross and degrading act is in more movies than we realized.

Now puking is something that everyone has done at one time or another. It used to be that if I even heard someone vomit I would start a sympathetic reflexive gag and my eyes would water. I am ashamed to admit that my students would sometimes vomit in my room and I’d toss them a box of tissue from across the room. I was certain to join them if I came to close.

But for movies all I have to do is avert my eyes and I’m ok. It seems to me that it would be just as effective to have that whole scene off screen. Just hearing the troublesome noise certainly give the audience all the information it needs.

Since puking is now the scene de jour I have already begun to imagine what will be next. I’m thinking the only thing left is a close up of our morning constitutional. When it comes to that, I’m switching off the TV and resigning from going to the movies. There are some things I don’t need to know.