The New Year

A blessing of days of low humidity and clear skies has hastened the feel of fall. Already some schools have returned and others will next week. Cleveland State begins the year soon and my Campus District neighborhood will be packed with cars and students.

Rhodes Classroom Building

As a former teacher, this always feels like the new year to me. It’s a fresh start no matter what I am doing.

I make resolutions to watch what I eat, exercise more, and finish any “indoor” projects that are on my “to do” list.  It must be nature calling me. I notice the squirrels are chomping at certain new growth and leaving the dying greenery on the grass below. We aren’t that far away from our evolutionary past.

The days still feel long, with plenty of sunlight after dinner. Except for this year’s crop of abundant mosquitoes, twilight would be the time to be outdoors in the hammock or weeding the flower garden.  Around my neighborhood, it is the time for evening walks. Sometimes it is the walk from the men’s homeless shelter on Lakeside Dr. to the women’s shelter on Payne.  People are sitting on the stoops talking, sipping soda, smoking, or checking their phones.

This year the grass is still green. We’ve had a healthy number of rainfalls for August.

The Tower Press Building

I walked past The Tower Press building on my way to the library today. The artist rabbit greeted me and across the street a real rabbit stiffed among the pachysandra by the entrance to The Plain Dealer. I am savoring the clear skies and cool days.

My thoughts turned to what this walk will be like in a month or two or more.  People say the skies in northeast Ohio go gray in November and stay that way until sometime in May.

I’m trying to figure out a way to box up the scene outside my window and save it for those days ahead. I’ve suggested to Dave that we board up the windows, hang a projector from the ceiling and loop a 24 scene of our view on this perfect day.