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A blessing of days of low humidity and clear skies has hastened the feel of fall. Already some schools have returned and others will next week. Cleveland State begins the year soon and my Campus District neighborhood will be packed with cars and students. As a former teacher, this always feels like the new year […]

Up the Cedar Road hill and off to the left is a neighborhood that draws me to my book discussion group, my favorite milk shake, and shopping for inexpensive bags, jewelry, and hookah pipes. (Did I say hookah pipes?) Welcome to Coventry where the little lamppost banners are in tie-dye. Long ago I came to […]

Ever since Edith was a little girl she grew up with baseball. She didn’t consider it a complete summer without going to at least one game.  So even thought it was hotter than Hades, she decided to go with the others from the Sun Coast Retirement Center. This was an evening game but, even then, […]