…. and the living is easy? I’m sitting here looking out at the lake when I should be IN it. The air conditioner is running non-stop and still can’t keep up.  Don’t even ask what I’m not wearing.  I’d have to get up in the predawn to take a hike or bike ride so forget that. But I have gone to the gym and walked home v  e  r  y slowly.

Still, we’ve been doing some very cool things in the past few weeks. And I am slowly checking off the “three things to do every summer” list.

First is an outdoor concert that I have talked about a bit before. Next is swim outdoors and last is to attend a baseball game (wait for a later blog).

The Lake Erie dip occurred almost three weeks ago off the pier at a friend’s lake house. Clevelanders let me tell you, it helps to have a friend who lives on a big lake. Sharlene and Mark where generous to share their hospitality with us but they got their pay back when they took me tubing and I oh- so- gracefully showed my skill of screaming the whole time. By the way, the top six inches of the lake were nice and warm. Just figure out how to stay there.

Picture Karen screaming while doing this

Of course, picnics are a must in the summer. Our family has monthly get togethers and that means picnics.  We had a Greek themed affair at Chris and Jeff’s in June where I made Pistitsio for the masses of 21. Some of my family is gluten free, some are vegetarian, and some don’t eat cheese. Making a main dish is “fun.” This month we ate at Roger’s house and got to enter the prime evil deck of encroaching, but gorgeous, potted plants.

I’m now a certified Redcoat volunteer at Playhouse Square. I’m volunteering for matinees and learning my way around. The Hanna Theater had a preproduction musical called “Fat Camp.”(Does this title bother anyone but me?) The play was a stinker, but the talent was good. Would you believe a “Fat” camp for high school kids right next to a cheer leading camp? Me neither. At the end the “weight challenged kids” and the cheerleaders were oh-so-tolerant and happy.

Will this guy get the cheerleader?

Anyway, it is at times like this that I’m glad I’m not paying for tickets.

This has been “Nativity Week,” as Dave puts it. It is Greg’s birthday. My son is 39. Greg looks forward to this time and makes plans with everyone to celebrate. This year we went to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton.  This place has more HUGE Super Bowl ring replicas than is decent to think about.  The fingers that fit inside these must look like bratwurst! And the shoes are so big that you really can believe the Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe story. Tonight we polish off the celebrations with dinner out and the Presenting Of The Gifts ceremony.

Check out the diamonds

Finally, during the incredibly steamy afternoon yesterday, Carolyn, Lois Moon, and I went to see The Tree of Life. If you are female and even semi spiritual, go see it (Take a cushion. It is long). Do your homework since it is a little swami swami and controversial.  However, the music and cinematography alone are worth it.

Summertime? Not so easy (mist mist) but a whole lotta fun.