Curing the Hungries

My Dear Readers: it is too hot and I am too lazy to link all of these places. They all have websites.

Food, glorious food! Cleveland has the spectrum and we’ve tried most of them since we’ve moved here.

I love hot dogs and Italian sausage. Cleveland has the best from the ballpark to street corners to Happy Dog.

Want ethnic? We have it from Italian, Vietnamese, Thai, Polish, Japanese, and Brazilian.

Superior Pho

Like tradition and that “home cooking” atmosphere? Try Sokolowskis University Inn for Salisbury steak and pierogis served cafeteria style.

Like upscale for that special occasion? Try Red The Steakhouse on the east side and Pier W on the west side and Lola downtown.

How about bar food? We like Becky’s for burgers and beer and those Christmas tree lights. It has the added benefit of being only two blocks away.


Dinner before or after the theater? Bricco’s is the spot with tasty pizzas.

Do you have a sweet tooth? Obviously, you’ll want The Chocolate Bar or Corky and Lenny’s Deli.

Breakfast? Try My Friend’s Deli or Two Dad’s Diner, both in Lakewood.

Now I’ve marked on my calendar a new event called  Walnut Wednesday. It’s a weekly food-truck roundup on Walnut Street about seven blocks from us. You can get dim sum, Pad Thai, or pepperoni, tomato, and lettuce sandwich. All this is being promoted by the Downtown Cleveland Alliance (think the people in the yellow shirts on bikes).

Walnut Wednesdays

I’m so crazy about the food in Cleveland, I’m willing to eat it standing up!