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Dear Reader, I signed up for a memoir workshop. Our first prompt was to write about something out of reach or something forbidden. Here is what I wrote: “Karen, did you take gum out of your Mother’s purse? ” Dad asked, but he already knew the answer. My eyes bugged out, I shook my head […]

…. and the living is easy? I’m sitting here looking out at the lake when I should be IN it. The air conditioner is running non-stop and still can’t keep up.  Don’t even ask what I’m not wearing.  I’d have to get up in the predawn to take a hike or bike ride so forget […]

My Dear Readers: it is too hot and I am too lazy to link all of these places. They all have websites. Food, glorious food! Cleveland has the spectrum and we’ve tried most of them since we’ve moved here. I love hot dogs and Italian sausage. Cleveland has the best from the ballpark to street […]