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Back when we lived in Little Rock, my friend Vivian used an expression I learned to love. She’d use it to describe some kid or parent who was so f**ked up that they were actually fun. You know the type: hyperactive AND egocentric AND always late AND never follows directions AND too talkative AND always […]

He wiggled. He strummed. He pranced. He flexed. It was all there. The Naked Cowboy had arrived in Cleveland. My life is complete. Some other friends live by the ocean, some by the mountains. Some live abroad. Some live by big rivers.  I live where the Naked Cowboy visits. We’ve been busy since Memorial Day. […]

It’s a cliché by now, but Tremont really is an all around wonderful neighborhood just south of downtown Cleveland. The boundaries of the Cuyahoga River to the east, West 25th to the west, and the Steelyard to the south, make the neighborhood big enough to be diverse, but not too sprawling.  It doesn’t have the […]