May 21?

A few days ago I stopped for senior coffee at MacDonald’s. There in the parking lot were FIVE camper vans all with this written on them:

One of five

Inside  MacDonald’s there were men and women in various colored tee shirts that all had the same wording: “The beginning of the end will start on May 21, 2011.”

As I left with my 75-cent senior beverage, I started to think about the date.  How did these folks arrive at this particular day? Where does the Bible make reference to this? Of course, I was seriously thinking that these religious people would join the list of everyone else in making these “comet” predictions and then getting to explain on May 22 the error of their ways.

I thought that perhaps this would be a new career choice for me. Sign up, get my tee shirt, go on the road, scare a lot of vunerable folks into giving me money to keep up those snazzy vans, and then move on to the next venue.

But, since I never stay focused on one thought for very long, my mind wandered to the real possibility of the end of the world coming soon.

What would I do if I knew for certain that this was true?

The predicable course of action is to spend time with your loved ones. Of course, I can’t think of a single loved one who would believe me so I assume they would stage an intervention and put me in a nice, quiet asylum for a lot of rest. Besides, they would all be dead too and I’d be spending a lot of time with the same darn family and friends on the other side. I scratched that off my “to do” list.

The next thing some people would do would be to get busy on their bucket list. This may involve parasailing, marathon eating, buying a red Corvette, starting a drug addiction, or going on a big shopping spree since the credit card bill will not come in until after the end of the world.  Now, assuming you don’t remember any of these bucket list doings after death, what would be the point of achieving those memory inducing feats? You can’t take it with you as the saying goes.

Many people think that impending death is a good time to get your affairs in order. They would write a will, start a trust fund, compose their eulogy, and buy a burial plot. Now I ask you. If we are all going to die on May 21 or thereabouts, why spend time and money on a will? No one will be alive to get your goodies

I decided to go to the expert. I asked Carolyn.  In short she said not to worry. In Matthew 13:32, Jesus says,  “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” I’m sure the folks in the van think they have a direct line to the Father but I’ll stick with Carolyn.

I guess I probably won’t die on May 21 or thereabouts. I can’t think of anything decent to do between now and then. I’m too busy getting the upholstery cleaned, the cars tuned up and reading Cleopatra.


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  1. Carolyn says:

    Funny. As long as there has been life we’ve been fussing about death. We are already dead men walking, but what if we’re walking toward new life?

  2. Karen says:

    I didn’t talk with them but I should have. I assume that the new life is the message they are conveying.

  3. Judy says:

    Sticking with what Carolyn says is a good thing, when it comes to matters of faith! Other things too!!