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There it was. Crawling across the screen as we watched the morning news. A California man had been arrested for driving 51 miles while his wife was hanging onto the hood of the minivan. He will spend five years in jail. He pleaded guilty to spousal abuse and assault with a deadly weapon. I speculated […]

People have it wrong. When they learn we live in a loft downtown they first ask, “Is it safe?” What they should ask is “Where do you park?” First, Dave and I are lucky to have an enclosed courtyard to park our cars as part of our rent.¬† This is handy and relatively safe. One […]

A few days ago I stopped for senior coffee at MacDonald’s. There in the parking lot were FIVE camper vans all with this written on them: Inside¬† MacDonald’s there were men and women in various colored tee shirts that all had the same wording: “The beginning of the end will start on May 21, 2011.” […]