Questing-Part One

A Quest is a rhyming poem that leads explorers on a path which may be anywhere. The purpose of a Quest is to learn more about the history or nature or geology or ecology of a place while having fun figuring out the clues. At the end of a Quest is a box that contains  a log book, a rubber stamp, and an ink pad. No GPS navigation system is required. The poem below is written like a Quest would be written. It will tell you more about Quests and where to find a Quest should you want to do one yourself.

To find a Quest that suits you
The Cuyahoga Valley National Park Quest page view.
Search in the sidebar: Plan Your Visit, then Things To Do.
An up pop Outdoor Activities out of the blue.

After picking a Quest from a list of over twenty,
Prepare for your walk and bring along your Honey.
Pack up the car and find the trail head.
Time to move your legs and get out of bed!

You start on a journey that takes you away
To the long past, the near past, and to present day.
Where you’ll learn about birds, plants, and rocks.
The info gained will knock you out of your socks!

The rhymed clues and a map help guide your trail.
The clues are simple so you cannot fail.
Go from stop to stop and look around.
For some clues look up, others are on the ground.

Most Quests take an hour, some take less.
It depends on your pace I must confess.
The purpose is clear—to learn and enjoy.
Slow down. Let all your senses deploy.


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  1. Carolyn says:

    The clues are so simple.
    That is true.
    The problem arises
    When the people are too!

    Yet, with no exception,
    The fun abounds
    When outside we are
    In God’s common ground!