Pass the Popcorn

“Oh, Mr. Rochester, you DO love ME?”

Here, once again, was Jane Eyre gazing into the eyes of naughty Mr. Rochester. The familiar story, read by so many in high school, is again in the theaters.

Noelle and I had a gal’s night out at Cedar Lee. We settled down in aisle seats with snacks at the ready and our hearts open to Jane The Orphan Who Deserves to Be Rescued By a Strong, Rich Man.  What draws us to this story? What is it about a girl who wants to “see a city” and professes that she is a “free human being with an independent will?”

For Discerning Movie Goers

In just three weeks, I had seen six films due mostly to the arrival of the annual Cleveland International Film Festival.  This filled up my movie tank for quite awhile.

Even though most of the films I saw at the Festival were disappointing and amateurish, it was still worth the fix.  (By the way, if it comes to theaters, see “The Other F Word” which was the one really good film I saw).

Some people like music and clubs for their nightlife, some like to ballroom dance and others like their gourmet and bridge clubs. As for me, let me sit in the dark, fall through Alice’s hole to another world for two hours. Let me see glamor, foreign destinations, excitement, risk, royalty and conflict. Bring me the old films on TCM or AMC in black and white. Let me see steamy, funny, uplifting, and annoying. Scare me, romance me, and make my heart pump. A good movie a day keeps boredom away and all for a reduced price if you are a sexagenarian.

And on tonight’s menu? I’ll sit with my own white haired Mr. Rochester and see romance, adventure, sadness, or mystery on our wide screen television.


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  1. Judy says:

    You are so right about the magic of films. Even though there is much to complain about in the world of movies today, there is also much that is GOOD. Tonight I am going to see The King’s Speech with two who have not seen it yet. I can’t wait to watch their wonder!

  2. Karen says:

    It certainly deserved the Oscar.

  3. Carolyn says:

    My “Rochester” loves to go to the movies as often as possible, yet he is generally interested in one thing. You have nailed it in your title “Pass the Popcorn.” Once the popcorn’s gone all he wants to do is go home. AARRGGH!