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A Quest is a rhyming poem that leads explorers on a path which may be anywhere. The purpose of a Quest is to learn more about the history or nature or geology or ecology of a place while having fun figuring out the clues. At the end of a Quest is a box that contains¬† […]

“Oh, Mr. Rochester, you DO love ME?” Here, once again, was Jane Eyre gazing into the eyes of naughty Mr. Rochester. The familiar story, read by so many in high school, is again in the theaters. Noelle and I had a gal’s night out at Cedar Lee. We settled down in aisle seats with snacks […]

From my window there is a clear view of the Lake Erie breakwater and the waves banging against the restraint. White caps pop randomly in the shallows. Our Lake is only sixty feet deep on average and that, in part, defines how it behaves. Today the sky is clearer with streaks of blue and the […]